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Custom North American Style Flutes

Welcome to NZT Designs. On our site you will find hand crafted instruments, accessories, jewelry and more. We create standard and custom made flutes in many shapes, styles and designs.

Flutes can be crafted using a wide range of alternate tunings and fingerings. We
make flutes to fit all sizes of hands from the very young beginner to the very experienced professional.

Our standard professional concert tuning allows our flutes and musical instruments to be played with all standard A-440Hz tuned instruments.

We make a wide variety of single bore flutes. Double bore drone flutes. Styles including side by side, inline and V designed drones. Walking cane and walking stick flutes. Limb flutes. River cane and bamboo flutes. Mixed media wood and metal flutes. Bone flutes and flutes made from Bison horn.

Do you have a damaged or non working flute? We offer flute restoration and repairs to get your flute back into working condition.

Custom order flute alterations include, Peyote stitch bead work, beaded flute wraps, wood burned art and color pencils and paint. We also offer custom stone inlay and stone accents, leather wraps and ties.

We custom make our own flute accessories like flute bags that will hold from one or up to as many as six flutes at a time. We machine and hand sew our own leather flute bags, wool bags using Pendleton wool along with fleece and cloth.

We make our own drum frames and enjoy making and offering custom rawhide hand drums in sizes ranging from 10″ to 24″.

Over the years we have taught flute playing, flute making, drum making, bead work techniques, music therapy and history workshops. We are proud and honored to continue offering these forms of education.

Since 2009 we are proud to be the facilitators of the Healing Hearts Flute and Drum Circle in Van Buren, Arkansas. Our circle meets every first Saturday of the month from 5-7pm CST.

We invite you to have a look around and see what we have to offer.

Past Works

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If you can dream it we can build it. Please use our contact form to provide as much details as possible for all custom orders.


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Featured Item of The Month

NZT Designs Red Cedar Drone High F sharp

Red Cedar Drone High F# Flute
Pitch: A 440
Tuning: Minor Pentatonic – modes 1 & 4
Bore: 1/2″
Length: 16 1/2″
Finger spacing: 3/4″
Year of birth: 2013
Main wood: Eastern Red Cedar
Leather color: Gold Leather Laces

This is a high spirited and very easy to play drone. It has amazing flexibility. The drone side has 3 finger holes that can be blocked off to create many different harmonizing tones. You can even play both sides at once. Super fun flute and has great life to it’s voice.

Accents: Wood burned accents around finger holes. Burned in rings.